Anime Series That Are Similar To One Punch Man You Should Watch Them

If you’re a fan of One Punch Man, then chances are you’re also a fan of other anime series. And if you’re not familiar with these other series, now might be the perfect time to check them out! Here are five anime series that are similar to One Punch Man, and if you’re curious about them, now’s the time to watch them!

1. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
Kusuo Saiki is an average high school student, a teenager with nothing special… except that he possesses superpowers. He can use this ability whenever he wants, and he can also read everyone’s mind. All! This makes his life no surprises, no secrets, and no…normal. He kept this secret from a young age, but since entering high school, his life has taken a new turn.
Saiki Kusuo is a born psychic. But unlike the others who rejoice at having supernatural powers, Kusuo considers it the most unhappiness in the world and tries to live a normal life despite this annoying power.
Following the life of Kageyama Shigeo is Mob Psycho 100. (commonly known as Mob), a boy with superpowers and his journey to destroy evil spirits and dark forces. That’s it, but in fact, this is a story about psychological and cognitive instability that almost all of us encounter in the process of growing up.
In addition, hidden corners of modern society, such as school violence, superstition, keyboard heroes, etc., are depicted. At the same time, core values such as family affection, friendship, love of life, etc., are cherished.
It is interesting that Mob’s ability depends on his emotions, and it is calculated on a scale of 100, so through the numbers, we know how Mob feels. But there’s no limit to emotions. So every time the boy’s emotions explode, no number can be measured anymore, and Mob’s power is also unimaginable.
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3. A Certain Magical Index
The anime is intended for audiences over the age of 13 only. In a city with most students who know how to use superpowers, and at the same time, magic exists. Toma Kamijyo’s right hand has the ability to nullify magic, superpowers, or even the miracles of god and his own luck. The story begins after he unexpectedly meets a girl on his balcony. She is a priestess in the church of England and carries with her 103,000 magic books that the church banned from circulation ages ago, long ago.
4. Detroit Metal City
Young musician Soichi Negishi is quiet and aspires to work in pop. A dream couldn’t pay his expenses, so he wound up playing guitar and singing lead for the black metal group “Detroit Metal City.” Johannes Krauser II was supposed to be a terrorist demon from hell who killed and raped his parents while sexing with his enormous dead penis with abandon throughout their courting. Talking about him after every performance is another ominous development.
DMC songs often encourage subjects to engage in immoral and illegal acts, such as rape or murder, or talk about exploiting Krauser with similar actions in a parody of this genre.
5. My Hero Academia
Izuku Midoriya, a middle school student, aspires to be a hero, but he has no power. Without the chance to enter the hero training school, his life seemed to be over. But his encounter with All Might, the greatest hero, gives him a chance to change his destiny. And his journey begins with unexpected developments.
We hope you will be satisfied with these interesting suggestions. The world of anime is very wide and has many exciting experiences, and we will gradually explore it in the following topics. Remember to start our website for faster updates!
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