The Best Things About Mikasa Ackerman In Attack On Titan Anime

Mikasa Ackerman may be the strongest female character in the Attack on Titan anime, but that doesn’t mean she’s without her flaws. In this blog post, we’re going to explore some of the best things about Mikasa Ackerman, starting with her backstory and highlighting some of her most iconic moments in the anime. So read on for a look at why Mikasa Ackerman is one of the best characters in Attack on Titan!

1. Because Of Her Ackerman Ancestry, Mikasa Is A Remarkably Trustworthy Soldier
Each Shonen anime character’s popularity is greatly influenced by their fighting skills. Take a close look at Jujutsu Kaisen, another new-gen hit, for the best illustration of this. Everyone adores Yuji from JJK, but Gojo rose to fame due to his courage and fortitude in battle.
Not any different is Mikasa Ackerman. Despite the fact that she lacks Gojo’s extroverted demeanor, she is adored by everyone for her power. Although Mikasa has put forth a lot of effort, her Ackerman ancestry is partly to blame for her strength.
2. Levi And Mikasa Both Inherited The Same Stoic Personality
Because to her Ackerman ancestry, Mikasa is a tremendous powerhouse on the battlefield. Mikasa maintains his strength both physically and intellectually, even when confronted by the power of an Intelligent Titan.
The mental component of Mikasa’s power comes from her stoic outlook on life. At the end of the series, no amount of suffering is able to impair her sense of justice. Even losing Eren is merely a minor setback for her to get beyond.
3. One Of The Most Devoted Characters In Attack On Titan Is Mikasa
One of Mikasa’s best qualities is unquestionably her loyalty. Throughout the course of the story, Mikasa aids Eren by lending him her blade. Even when the leader of the Azumabito family approaches Mikasa, she remains devoted to her fellow students.
Mikasa would have lived in opulence as Queen, for sure. She nevertheless declined to claim the crown in order to remain with her companions. No of the circumstance, Mikasa is able to fight for the right cause because she puts her loyalty to truth and justice before her personal wishes.
4. For the People, Mikasa Fights
A woman of the people, Mikasa Ackerman is. Mikasa never skips an opportunity to speak up in defense of bystanders who have been slain by the egotistical and rich, although the bulk of the characters in AoT does.
Mikasa drew her blade to defend the Trost residents when confronted with Dimo Reeves’ greed during the Battle for Trost District. Even Mikasa’s relationship with Eren can be explained by the fact that she has an unending capacity for compassion for individuals who are in need of protection.
5. Mikasa Has Perfect Timing
Although Mikasa isn’t flawless, her timing is. She is able to plot an attack against the Warhammer Titan when Eren invades Marley without ever telling Eren about their preparations. Many viewers attribute this to anime’s tendency toward drama, but Mikasa deserves some recognition.
Eren would have been arrested, slain, or defeated more times than fans could count if it weren’t for her amazing timing. Her one error was neglecting Eren before the concept of worldwide vengeance engulfed his thoughts. She bears the whole responsibility for that mistake for the entire final arc of the series.
Above is a short, interesting information about the Mikasa character in Attack On Titan anime. This is just-sided information, and we will come back with other hot news here.
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