The Top Five Anime Heroes Who Are Viewed As Villains Like Saitama

In anime, there are characters who are both heroes and villains. Some of these characters are well-known and loved by fans, while others are seen as hated enemies. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at five of the most popular anime heroes who are treated like villains by fans. We’ll explore why these characters are so well-loved by some people and so hated by others. Here are the top five anime heroes who are treated like villains.

1. Saitama Character – One Punch Man Anime
Of course, Saitama has always been one of the One Punch Man universe’s most powerful characters. But not everyone knows of the immense power of this imbecile.
Saitama demonstrated his utter dominance in the physical examination during the registration procedure to join the hero organization, but he was not given a ranking commensurate with his abilities just because he performed poorly on the written test.
Saitama was frequently condemned by the populace for the material damage he did owe to his immense power over the masses, in part because he was merely a nameless hero. Saitama, though, doesn’t give a damn about all of that and just wants to go about his daily existence.
2. Lelouch Lamperouge Character – Code Geass Anime
Character Lelouch Lamperouge has experienced a horrible past. When he was nine years old, he had to witness the murder of his mother, 5th consort Marianne vi Britannia, and the blindness and paralysis of his sister Nunnally Lamperouge caused by the negligence of his father, Emperor Charles zi Britannia. Since that time, Lelouch has held a bitter resentment against the Holy Britannia’s royal family and the Empire.
Lelouch Lamperouge assumed the identity of Zero to head the resistance force “Black Knights” with the intention of overthrowing the Britannia Empire after receiving Geass and genius insight from the CC witch.
Lelouch is a noble character and, in some ways, even a hero despite constantly being prepared to use any terrible means to overthrow an entire empire.
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3. Eren Yeager Character – Attack on Titan Anime
Eren has prepared and orchestrated an outcome for himself throughout the course of Attack on Titan. He voluntarily assumes the role of an extremist plotting the genocidal destruction of humanity in order to become the shared enemy of the entire planet.
Eren desired to be killed by his former teammates in front of the Marleys, the Eldians off the island, in order to elevate them to heroes. Because of that, everyone will perceive Paradis in a new way and realize that not all Eldians on this island are bad.
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4. Itachi Uchiha Character – Naruto: Shippuden Anime
Similar to Eren, Itachi Uchiha is also considered a villain throughout the length of Naruto’s storyline. Itachi was the one who directly destroyed the entire Uchiha clan and left only his younger brother Sasuke’s life.
And, of course, this makes Sasuke hold a deep grudge against his biological brother and always obsessed with avenging Itachi.
However, after defeating his brother, Sasuke realized the harsh truth that the entire Uchiha clan had intended a coup in Konoha. Because of that, Itachi was forced to kill his own blood relatives to protect Konoha village and his brother.
5. Light Yagami Character – Death Note Anime
Anime Death Note is so famous that almost everyone in the world knows about it. Light Yagami’s efforts to impart his own cruel form of justice to the world by killing people he considers harmful to society (roughly speaking). With each name he wrote in Death Note, his ego became more and more uncontrollable. What makes Light such a memorable lead, however, is the way his plot makes perfect sense for his character, and he gets exactly the ending he deserves.
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